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Windows Performance count – select process with process id

If you have process having same name, it will be really difficult to collect performance counter. Here is a solution for this by modifying the registry key. Click Start, click Run, type regedit, and then click OK. Locate and then … Continue reading

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Java – Maven build plugin configuration to create a jar package

Make a package to be runnable including all dependent libs in a jar file

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C++ – Boost associative containers to maixmize the performance for shared memory architecture machine

Boost associative containers can increase the performance of your C++ applications for modern CPU architecture(shared memory architecutre) by minimizing cache misses. flat_(multi)map/set associative containers

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Java – iterate all classpath with spring framework

The following code will iterate all available classpath in the application. Iterate classpath for the jar application

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Maven – Java class naming convention for unit testing

Unit test Java classes should follow the following naming convention otherwise Maven can not find any unit testing class Test* *Test *TestCase If you don’t like to follow the above convention, you can configure Maven Surefire Plugin to use other … Continue reading

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