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C++11 – Understanding SFINAE

SFINAE(substution failure is not an error) is hard to understand at glance but following article explains the concept of SFINAE eaiser way with a clear example.

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RxJava – execute the custom operation when unsubscribing

The following example will show how to perform the custom operation when unsubscribing

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Rx – Difference Hot and Cold observer

Hot: If observerable start emitting items as soon as created, it is called “Hot” Cold: Observerable will start to emit items when it is subscribed.

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C++ – Build boost library with MinGW

1. build bjam with boostrap.bat Example) bootstrap gcc 2. run the following command b2 toolset=gcc –build-type=complete architecture=x86 address-model=32 –prefix=h:\develop_lib\BOOST –libdir=h:\develop_lib\BOOST\lib\1_59\x86-mingw install 3. for 64 bits, you should install MinGW 64bits then change address-model from 32 to 64. Example) b2 toolset=gcc … Continue reading

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