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Java – Apache HttpClient to access the self signed certification and no host verification

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Java – Aspect based measuring the method execution time of function with annotation

Annotation definition. Aspect advice implementation. Example

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Spring – CGLIB: High performance code generation library

Spring is heavily using the CGLIB for it’s framework implementation. CGLib is high performance code generation library. It is using to extend JAVA classes and implementation at runtime. More details can be found in the below.

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Cache – False sharing

As modern CPU shared memory architecture, false sharing is the major performance bottleneck on multi-thread application. False sharing is caused by sharing the same cache line with multiple thread. In order to avoid this problem, it is important that local … Continue reading

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Cassandra – Evolvement of Cassandra column oriented row

The following blog explain how Cassandra has been improved the column oriented row.

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Java – Spring to inject multiple service instances having same interface

Create service for multiple name providers NameService class can inject multiple NameProviders with the following constructor injection.

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Java – Importance of final fields for immutable object

Java will guarantee that all thread will see correct values of final fields that were set by the constructor, regardless of how object is published.

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