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SpringBoot WebFlux – Reading a request body with Spring WebFlux for Controller

SpringBoot WebFlux 2.2.x requires to load the request body by using an input stream. Below example will show how it can convert the json data into the expected class after loading json data with an input stream. Full source code … Continue reading

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React – create-react-app proxy setting

create-react-app allow to configure the proxy setting on calling API. documentation: Example

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Electron – Using reach router for Electron app

Creating a history with a memorySource will allow to work for Electron application with reach/router

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Electron – Rederer process can use Node feature

Setting nodeIntegration true in webPreferences section in main.js will allow to use Node feature in renderer process such as require. And setting webSecurity false will disable CORS in a renderer process. If a renderer process needs to access the self … Continue reading

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Electron – creating an electron app with react, typescript and emotion CSS

Please find the following github for details steps and example.

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VSCode – Improving productivity with VS code

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JavaScript – find all available functions and properties in an object

The following three functions are very useful on inspecting methods and properties in any Javascrip object. Github code: For instance, we can list all available functions and each function’s arguemnts in fs node module. Results

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