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WASM – Creating an WASM with Rust and React

The following github project shows how to create an WASM application with Rust and React framework

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FP – Functional Programming with JavaScript

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Rust – how async/await works

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Sublime – matching multiple lines with regex

Start with (?s)

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Java – Dropwizard http request accessing log customizing example

Dropwizard can allow to access the attributes in a request as shown in below example.
Full layout logback format details can be found from

  rootPath: /test/services/rest
    - type: file
      currentLogFilename: ./logs/requests.log
      archivedLogFilenamePattern: ./logs/requests-%d.log
      archivedFileCount: 5
      timeZone: UTC
      logFormat: "%h %l %u [%t{dd/MMM/yyyy:HH:mm:ss Z,UTC}] %reqAttribute{attributeName} \"%r\" %s %b \"%i{Referer}\" \"%i{User-Agent}\" %D"

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Linux – Top 10 Performance commands

1. uptime
2. dmesg | tail
3. vmstat 1
4. mpstat -P ALL 1
5. pipstat 1
6. iostat -xz 1
7. free -m
8. sar -n DEV 1
9. sar -n TCP, ETCP 1
10. top

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